How to Decide if a Roth IRA is Right for You

Factors to Consider for Roth IRA and Roth conversions

What are the benefits of a Roth IRA and how do these accounts work? A Roth IRA is an Individual Retirement Account to which you contribute after-tax dollars. With a Roth IRA account, you won’t pay taxes as your money potentially grows, and you can make tax-free withdrawals during retirement. The reason these plans are…

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What is Lump-sum Investing and How does it Work?

Lump-sum investing is investing a large amount of money all at once, rather than by making smaller investments over time. Most commonly, significant lump sums come from selling a business or real estate property, stock options (such as Incentive Stock Options (ISO’s) awarded by your employer), receiving an inheritance, a pension payment, or a divorce…

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The Retirement Wisdom Podcast – Podcast Guide to Retirement Income and Saving Strategies and How to Make a Financial Plan

Sound retirement planning can provide you with a solid foundation for your next phase of life. David Rosenstrock, Certified Financial Planner, explains why you should have a formal financial plan as the cornerstone for your retirement planning – and common mistakes you can avoid. Click here to listen to podcast. Transcript for Podcast Below: Joe…

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Planning for Your Child’s and Family’s Financial Future- Financial Planning Tips for Parents and Grandparents

An analysis depicting how parents and grandparents can financially plan for a childs future in Santa Fe (NM) and NYC

There are numerous action steps you can take to help set your children for a successful financial future. The average cost of raising a child today from infancy to age 17, excluding college and higher education expenses, is approximately $275,000 based on inflation adjusted U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates. Education costs are one of the…

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Wealth Planning Strategies: What You Should Do to Maximize Retirement Income and Successfully Plan for Retirement

Whether you are a pre-retiree or retiree, there are several major areas you should think about to successfully plan for retirement.  Retirement planning can reduce anxiety and increase happiness, security, and peace of mind.  If you take the time to plan wisely, retirement can be a richer and more rewarding time of life. The first…

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What to Do When You Receive an Inheritance

When beneficiaries receive an inheritance, it is important to look at how this money fits into their financial plan. This will depend upon the size of the inheritance and the state of their financial situation. Regardless of the size of the inheritance, it makes sense to look for areas of your financial situation where the…

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