Optimal Retirement Age Analysis

Our financial planning team can help you assess the degree to which you are ‘on track’ for a future or current retirement. We will assess whether you are saving enough for retirement and how to invest your savings to best meet your goals. We use sophisticated analytical techniques to develop a cash flow and investment strategy that is designed to help determine at what age you can retire, based on analysis of your projected retirement income.

We believe that when you’re thinking about when you want to retire and some of the trade-offs, it is important to carefully weigh what your goals are in retirement and try to determine how much money you are going to need to achieve those goals.  If you feel comfortable after that planning and that the savings that you’ve generated are going to allow you to do the things that you want, this can be a good foundation to use in your decision-making process as to when to retire. It is also important to note that increased longevity has created more opportunities for people in both the career and personal realms.

Potential retirees should consider testing and updating their plans using a wide range of market returns assumptions, including rate of inflation and other macro factors. This assumption-testing process can bring to light flaws in a retirement plan while there is still time to take action in advance of retirement. Wharton Wealth Planning can help you develop and put a plan in writing.