At Wharton Wealth Planning, we carefully design portfolios to strike a balance between risk and return, aligned with our clients’ specific financial objectives. Once a portfolio is constructed, we will provide continuous supervision of the portfolio and may periodically rebalance or adjust client accounts under our management as changes in market conditions and client circumstances may require. Our research and monitoring process involves keeping abreast of the markets, and working tirelessly to discover new investment products, strategies, and managers. We continuously focus on market outlook and asset allocation to aid our clients in achieving their investment goals. 

Investment planning doesn’t stop once you make an investment. Evaluating and monitoring the performance of your investments is a critical part of managing your assets over time. An investment review can keep you engaged in your holdings while tracking the progress of your investment goals. It can also help you know when your asset allocation has shifted and it’s time to rebalance your holdings. We are frequently in touch with our clients to understand changes in their situations that may require a change in the portfolios.

We provide consolidated statements containing information about all your accounts. In addition to sending regular statements and scheduling live conversations (via Zoom, phone, or in-person), we provide online access to your account information, so you can look up the latest values for your holdings any time you like.