Asset Allocation

We construct and manage portfolios consisting of stocks and bonds, exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”), mutual funds, closed-end mutual funds, and other public securities or investments. We build diversified, tax-efficient investment portfolios tailored to reflect clients’ needs and goals. Our objective is to ensure that our clients’ investments are optimized while reducing their overall tax burden. 

If you have invested (or plan to invest) significant amounts of money in mutual funds in a taxable account, you may want to reconsider this and do some additional research. Many funds distribute their net capital gains to investors in mid-to-late December. These payouts are typically taxable regardless of when you invested in the fund and can amount to significant taxes you will have to pay.

You can find out whether a fund you currently hold or are considering investing in is planning a big distribution. If it is, you want to know how much and when. You can often find this information on the fund company’s website. You can also consider purchasing other investment products including ETFs rather than mutual funds. ETFs can often save you on taxes as they generally do not distribute net capital gains to shareholders.